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Our proactive approach is the foundation on which we have built our business. We are not selling you a product or an added service, this is simply our standard. We have tailored our system to assure that our clients receive great service, accountability and responsibility towards the successful completion of every project.
  • After an initial walk-through is complete, we develop a detailed project timeline specifying the scope of work along with key contact information and start date.
  • We are able to keep all those involved in a project on the same page by utilizing the technologies available to document a project from the initial walk-through to its completion.
  • By creating open and clear communication we are able to adjust seamlessly in the event of plan modification or any unexpected issues.
  • Our projects are completed only after a finishing tech goes through the job’s particulars and signs off that all the works has been completed to our standard.
  • Once our quality assurance checkout is concluded, we then send a “digital project summary report” to our client including pictures and detailed documentation of all the work carried out.
  • Our unique approach is trusted by claims adjusters and project managers to support them in delivering consistently high standard and value to each restoration.

Our years of experience have helped us understand the hardship property owners suffer due to flood, fire or property damage and we are committed to making the road back to a completed restoration expedient while maintaining a level of excellence that is second to none.
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